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Navan Expense Reimagines the Policy Experience

Navan Expense Reimagines the Policy Experience This May

Samantha Shankman

30 May 2024
3 minute read
Navan Expense Redesigns the Policy Experience

Welcome to a whole new policy experience on Navan Expense

The latest enhancements to Navan Expense represent a significant leap forward. These updates simplify policy compliance and improve data accuracy by focusing on targeted transaction flagging, dynamic policy recalculations, and an enhanced view of transaction details. Moving forward, only transactions exceeding policy limits will be flagged, freeing up finance professionals to focus on what truly needs attention. 

These updates also improve policy recalculations, in order to provide finance professionals with the most up-to-date, accurate data. That enables them to spend less time on manual calculations and more time on strategic financial decisions. 

Finance teams can now also easily track related transactions and identify out-of-policy amounts within a specified timeframe for increased visibility into total policy spend. 

Additionally, the “custom bulk download receipts to PDF” feature further enhances efficiency by facilitating easy sharing and documentation. 

Here are some more details on each of these exciting new features.

Targeted Transaction Flagging

Previously: All transactions in a timeframe were flagged if the total spend exceeded policy limits, which made it challenging to identify specific violations. 

For example, if there were a set of 10 traveling meal transactions occurring on April 15 that totaled more than the $50 daily limit, then all 10 transactions would have been flagged. As a result, it was difficult for admins to identify which transaction surpassed the policy limit, so they would have toreview all 10 transactions.

Moving Forward: Now, only transactions that exceed policy limits are flagged, which simplifies the review process. With the same $50 daily meal limit above, only the transactions that exceed this limit will be flagged. This reduces the number of transactions the finance team needs to review.

Dynamic Policy Recalculations.

Previously: Changes in conditions didn’t update transaction amounts, which could lead to inaccurate data.

Moving Forward: Policy recalculations are triggered by changes to ensure up-to-date and accurate data.

Enhanced Transaction Details View

Previously: Admins used various filters and views to decide on flagged transactions. For example, to review a $15.15 transaction flagged on a specific day, admins needed to filter and check all transactions for that day.

Moving Forward: A new list in Transaction Details provides increased visibility into total policy spend in one place, which speeds up decision-making. To review a flagged transaction, a member of the finance team can now click on it to get a contextual view of all contributing transactions. Enhanced transaction details make it easier to get insights into the flagged amounts. 

All of these enhancements save expense admins time, ensure up-to-date data, and expedite decision-making. 

The latest updates to Navan Expense simplify policy compliance and improve data accuracy.

Custom Bulk Download Receipts to PDF

Admins can now filter and download all receipt images in bulk into a single PDF document. This feature simplifies the external sharing of receipts, particularly for clients who need to bill services with supporting documentation. 

With this feature, finance professionals can easily filter receipts by client, project name, and other details, then share them in a consolidated PDF format that aligns with industry standards. This process saves them time and streamlines reimbursement.

With custom bulk downloads, admins can now filter and download all receipt images in bulk into a single PDF document.

Put these updates to work! Combined with the larger Navan solution, they’ll help transform your expense management process and ensure seamless, accurate, and efficient financial operations.

Explore the latest Navan Expense features today.

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