Expense management reimagined

The expense management solution that drives savings, productivity, and real-time visibility.

Automate expense management from swipe to reconciliation

Expense with ease

Employees can upload a photo of their receipt or add a connected corporate or business card to have details synced automatically.

Boost efficiency

Automate reconciliation and say goodbye to expense reports with our innovative corporate card solution.

Monitor in real time

Track and monitor all travel spend in one place and use real-time analytics to turn insights into action.

Control spend, pay easily, and track all of your company’s travel costs

A collection of different corporate cards with Navan at the forefront

Navan Connect

  • Control employee expenditure: Customisable, conditional spending controls are enforced at the point of swipe, with out-of-policy spending flagged to eliminate wasteful expenditure and fraud.
  • Gain unparalleled control: Eliminate out-of-policy spend with proactive spend controls that are auto-enforced at the point of purchase.
  • See each expense in real time: Get full visibility into expenses the instant they happen.

An image of a happy business traveller enjoying the Navan platform's expense management features on the Navan mobile app, with fast reimbursements and simplified, automated expenses.

Expense management

  • Total control over spend: Build highly customised policies into corporate cards to proactively block out-of-policy spend before it happens.
  • Simplify expenses: Employees take a photo of a receipt and Navan does the rest, automatically submitting expenses in seconds.
  • Fast, easy global reimbursements: Effortlessly reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses in days, not weeks, across 45 countries and 25 currencies.

An image of the data reporting available for finance teams and travel managers on the Navan platform, giving them insights into business travel spend across the whole company, and enabling them to make cost savings on business travel.

Real-time reporting

  • View all travel spend in one place: Get a comprehensive view of all company spend across cards and reimbursements in one dashboard.
  • Data-driven decisions: Reduce spend leakage, improve forecasting, and optimise expense policies with real-time contextual insights into spend.
  • Tax reporting for expenses: Navan enables businesses to capture, track, and report on VAT and GST to reclaim up to 25% of their expenses.

“Navan’s product is simple, affordable, and helps us to be much more efficient. We have full visibility into company spend, the dashboards are really clear, and we get the data we need with one click.”

Yordan Stoyanov

Senior Manager Financial Processes


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