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How Quickbase Realized Savings with Navan

How This Growing Company Realized Time and Cost Savings with Navan

Rich Beattie

6 Jun 2024
2 minute read
Saving time and money with Navan

What’s one downside of an acquisition?

While acquisitions come with plenty of upsides, they may also result in inherited software solutions, which can add undue complexity to a company’s tech stack.

That’s what happened with Quickbase, as reported in a recent case study. The Boston-based software company was using CWT and Concur for travel and expense management, plus Amex for p-cards. Then, in 2019, an acquisition brought three more expense management platforms for three different countries. Suddenly, Quickbase was swimming in T&E software.

That web of solutions slowed the overall process; in fact, a full 40% of the expenses processed through Concur had to be manually approved. As a growing company with more than 750 employees, that was a problem. “We were struggling to keep us,” said Diana Ciccolini, Quickbase’s Sr. Manager of Accounting.

That wasn’t the only obstacle. Employees were booking travel off-platform — where they found better prices — and reimbursements for their out-of-pocket expenses were slow.

Quickbase needed a change.

Life With Navan

After achieving only satisfactory results with Ramp, Quickbase discovered Navan. And it’s been a sea change.

Thanks to policy controls, a robust inventory, dynamic pricing, and a high adoption rate, the travel program has realized some serious savings: 20% on both flights and hotels.

Group travel, which Quickbase found difficult to manage with Concur, is a breeze with Navan. Ciccolini has also appreciated how credits from canceled flights on Navan are automatically applied to the next booking — a feature they didn’t have with Concur.

And the finance team has seen a couple of dramatic increases with Navan: in productivity, as manual expense approvals have dropped by a whopping 70%; and with visibility into spend. Now, Seth Yaniv, Quickbase’s Sr. FP&A Analyst has the ability to head off budgeting issues before they become problems.

Increased efficiency plus lower costs, all with a unified T&E solution: It’s why we built Navan in the first place. Navan changed the game for Quickbase, and we can be a game-changer for your company as well.

Read the full Quickbase case study.

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