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How an Interview Travel Tool Can Help HR Teams Stand Out

How an Interview Travel Tool Can Help HR Teams Stand Out

Samantha Shankman

9 Nov 2022
4 minute read
A professional woman conducts a job interview.

With hiring on the rise, one way your company can stand out from the competition is by giving candidates a seamless travel experience as part of the interview process.

In 2022, global hiring increased by 145%, according to research from Deel, led by roles in content (134%), finance (111%), customer success (106%), and operations (104%). And the rate at which people are seeking job interviews isn’t expected to slow down: A Pew Research Center survey found that about one-in-five workers (22%) were very or somewhat likely to look for a new job in the next six months.

Much of this hiring is taking place at hybrid companies, where teams are expected to spend some days in the office and some working from home. And more and more, employees are traveling to come together as a team with co-workers from other regions. While the initial interview phases can take place over the phone or on a video call, the most powerful way to stand out is to complete high-leverage interviews in person by bringing candidates into the office.

Integrating corporate travel to the company HQ as part of the hiring process has multiple benefits for both candidates and hiring managers.


  • have the opportunity to present themselves in person instead of just a cover letter
  • can interact with future colleagues and peers in person
  • perceive the brand more positively after a great experience—with all travel expenses covered

Hiring managers

  • can ask interview questions in person and better read a candidate’s body language
  • have multiple leaders meet the interviewee in person to ask more questions and answers 
  • can prioritize important candidates by booking last-minute travel without fretting over a rushed process

How to Craft a Great Interview Travel Experience

A great interview experience results in better hires. It gives high-profile candidates an opportunity to live like an employee for a few days. But it can also become a logistical nightmare and potential landmine for HR and people teams that are not prepared.

For starters, candidate travel often happens at the last minute, with only a few days or weeks between the point of booking and the trip itself. The candidate will also need access to a broad selection of airfares, hotels, and rental cars to ensure they can organize the trip that best fits their needs. The easiest way to do this, of course, is to have the candidate book the travel themself rather than booking for them. But it would be poor etiquette to ask a candidate to cover all interview expenses on their own credit card and then have to request reimbursement—potentially after not even getting the position.

In addition, while the candidate may follow the brand on social media or hear about current employees’ experiences at the company, interview travel gives them a chance to interact with future co-workers and organization leaders in person for the first time. But there’s risk involved, as a bad experience can have ripple effects. According to research from Talent Board, 33% of job seekers who have a bad candidate experience will post about it online, where it may come up in search results.

The best way to ensure a smooth, customized corporate travel experience that aligns with the company travel policy is to invite the candidate to travel through the corporate travel management booking tool and dedicated candidate traveler program, with a corporate credit card covering all expenses and daily per diem.

Not only does this process ensure that the candidates have access to a broad selection of travel inventory, 24/7 travel agent support, and paid travel expenses, but it also provides a uniform brand experience. In a hybrid work environment, the technology and apps a company provides its teams are an important part of establishing a company culture.

And even if the candidate isn’t a match, they’ll be sure to remember this experience at their next job and speak positively about it to people in their network.

The Navan Guest Invite Solution

The Navan Guest Invite solution streamlines the booking process for guest and candidate travel. It eliminates all the back-and-forth emailing required to coordinate candidate travel needs and enables hiring managers to invite guests to book travel in compliance with the company’s travel policies and on the company credit card. By simplifying travel management, Navan is helping HR and recruiting teams save time and energy while giving their candidates the best first experience with companies.

Navan's powerful and proactive support team also has employees and candidate travelers covered 24/7/365 via chat, email, or a dedicated phone number. Travelers will receive proactive alerts about delays and new restrictions that may impact their travel. Candidates will feel like a VIP no matter what role they’re interviewing for—and get a great experience that leads to the best possible hiring options for the company.

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