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How Navan Streamlines Complicated Itineraries with Multicity Flights

How Navan Streamlines Complicated Itineraries with Multicity Flights

Samantha Shankman

18 Nov 2022
5 minute read
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The nature of business travel is changing. With the ability to work from home, travelers now see business trips as an adventure and are combining business trips with personal getaways. In fact, 35% of business trips booked on Navan in 2022 have included a weekend.

Whether it’s a multicountry tour for an executive meeting with teams around the world or a sales leader meeting with clients on a global tour, multicity flights are a necessary component of business travel.

Here are a few examples of travelers booking multicity flights:

(1) John is flying from Los Angeles to Bangkok to meet with an international client about a potential merger. He needs to book a multicity flight, including a one-way flight to Hong Kong, where he’ll work remotely while visiting his sister for a week before attending another merger meeting in New Zealand. He’d also love to pop over to the Philippines to visit his college roommate, as long as there’s time and the multicity flights aren’t impossible to book.

(2) Lindsey is a New York marketing executive heading to Lisbon in the spring for a company-wide offsite. She’s always dreamed of visiting the Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik. While searching for flights, she discovered that Iceland Air includes a stopover in the capital for free.

(3) Maria is based in Seattle and has to hop down to San Francisco for a quick, two-day summit next month. She figures now might be a good time to visit her parents in Orlando. She’s searching for a multicity flight that will take her from the west coast to the east coast and back in under 5 days.

No matter where you’re starting or where you’re going, Navan empowers travelers to book multicity flights for business, leisure, or a little of both. Multicity flights are more complex than single-destination flights, but this innovative corporate travel tool designed for world travel can handle it.

How to Book Multicity Flights on Navan

Navan provides a first-class flight shopping experience designed to accommodate even the most intricate itineraries, including international flights and stopovers.

The Navan travel team has carefully curated an extensive selection of business traveler-friendly air inventory to suit any type of traveler anywhere in the world, including low-cost carriers and all major airlines. Whether travelers are driven by flight deals, loyalty, skipping stopovers, convenience, or health, the flight-shopping experience offers the most robust airfare options.

Navan also leads the corporate travel industry in enhanced flight-shopping technology and continues to innovate new solutions to help travelers make informed booking decisions. Backed by artificial intelligence (AI), Navan's search technology delivers an efficient and effective way to shop airfares and compare multicity flights for round-trip and one-way tickets. Taking personal preferences, loyalty affiliations, and past booking behavior into account, the intuitive Navan user interface (UI) presents company policy with a rich level of detail about flight ticket options for easy comparison.

Additionally, when travelers search flight results, Navan does not upcharge or manipulate results that would bias high-cost options or service fees. The company’s consumer-grade displays, intuitive search, and vast, unbiased inventory of business-friendly airline tickets lead to a more than 93% satisfaction score.

Here are some more ways that Navan's flight search and travel booking is designed for even the most complex itineraries:

Location-specific Requirement Reminders

Before booking multistop flights, Navan will alert the traveler of any documentation needed to enter or transit through a specific country, such as visas, proof of vaccination, or health certificates.

Intelligent Storefront

Navan's flight storefront puts all the information road warriors care most about front and center, including flights that fit into company policy. These flights are distinguished with a color-coding system and are bookable with a company credit card. The storefront also features an industry-defined star rating system that categorizes diverse airline offerings for easy comparison and branded fare comparison to help travelers understand what's included with each choice.

Low-cost & Regional Carriers

Navan has hundreds of low-cost carriers focused on fulfilling traveler needs in specific regions worldwide. Travelers can select add-ons like priority boarding when booking these LCCs. If business travelers pay their way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for a weekend, they might prefer to take an LCC rather than pay a premium for a different airline.

Self-serve Flight Change Capability

Navan puts complete visibility and control of every flight itinerary squarely in the hands of users. The power to change flights quickly from the Navan mobile app lets travelers stay in the moment, with access to all the available options. There’s no doubt or second-guessing when it comes to travel plans. Users can shift plans with complete confidence that they’ll be taken care of.

Earn Airline Loyalty Within Navan

Business travelers are often driven by airline loyalty programs, so Navan has built close relationships with carriers around the world to ensure travelers have the special fares, status upgrades, and miles they want.

Proactive Alerts & Notifications

Navan will surface a reminder for travelers to check in for each leg of their journey and send push notifications on the flight status. Travelers can, therefore, focus on their destination and tasks rather than tracking down the details of airlines as different as Finnair to Emirates. Navan also creates a single itinerary from which travelers can track their flights, hotel details, and car rental reservations.

Navan provides the same level of care for every traveler, whether they’re in South America or Asia Pacific. There is no itinerary too complicated for the company to handle.

Download the Navan guide ‘3 Surprising Ways the Business World Travels Now’ to learn more.

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