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A leader in modern enterprise video communications, Zoom historically struggled with aligning internal travel policies with their company mission, but eventually found both success and a culturally aligned travel partner in Navan.

Even as Zoom continued its rapid takeover of the video communications space, they were yet to implement a formal travel program. Unmanaged travel was thus a big issue, according to Sidney Ong, Sr. Manager of Enterprise Systems at Zoom. Sidney’s team manages all business-critical applications that employees rely on. With corporate travel becoming a large line item, they needed to find a solution. Zoom turned to Navan.


  • Lack of centralization & monitoring
  • Inability to deliver on Duty of Care commitment
  • Travel program misalignment with company culture

Results with Navan

  • 95% traveler adoption
  • Net Promoter Score: +70 (“World-Class”)
  • Full visibility into travel analytics across teams and offices

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Not Just a Solution, a Partner

Zoom needed strong support, and for their partner to be culturally aligned. Sidney shared, "It all starts with our culture, which has been ingrained in us: happiness. This is a simple concept that has worked tremendously for us. Its effect resonates through our employees down to our partners and our customers." Zoom was not simply looking for a solution, it was looking for a partner. "Navan is like hiring someone in-house, sitting within Zoom, and just taking care of corporate travel for me. It's an extension of my own team," said Sidney.

New York business trip itinerary on Navan

Intuitive Admin Experience

"The platform itself is really intuitive to navigate and easy to use," said Emily Crane, Office Administrator at Zoom. "Let's say you're in HR and you need visibility into a candidate's travel, or you're an EA who needs immediate access to their executive's trip. You can easily pull all their trip information up in one place. This is indispensable functionality for admins like myself and other key stakeholders."

Picture of a happy Navan traveler who happens to be an astronaut

They Call it Magic

"I love the parts of my job related to travel because Navan is such a joy to use," Emily said. "At other companies I've worked at, I've had to coordinate travel without a travel platform, and it was very difficult. Navan makes the relationship between the employee and me a lot better."

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