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Twilio Finds Data & Insights It Needs to Scale with Navan

New York business trip itinerary on Navan

This high-growth tech company with offices around the world selected Navan as a corporate travel partner that understands the value of the customer experience and the power of advanced technology to drive scale.

Twilio is on a mission to fuel the future of communications. They have more than 7 million developers on their platform, power more than 170,000 companies worldwide, and have a global workforce spread across dozens of offices worldwide. In Navan, they found a single solution that could be implemented quickly and globally to support the company’s ongoing growth while also supporting traveler engagement and experience.


  • Inefficient and different solutions for each region
  • Inability to make sense of travel and entertainment expenses
  • Scaling quickly without support

Results with Navan

  • Implemented globally within 3 weeks
  • One global solution for offices worldwide
  • Greater visibility into financial reporting
  • Shared values, vision for the future

Paris business trip itinerary on mobile and hotel search results on desktop using Navan

A Superior User Experience for All

The Twilio team was impressed with how easy Navan is to use, for both travelers and travel managers. Employees, and especially the most frequent business travelers, remarked how happy they were after the shift. “From booking on the web to receiving notification on Slack, everything is cohesive and in sync,” says Brandon Penn, Global Head of Twilio Foundry at Twilio.

Man jumping with excitement over his upcoming business trip to Berlin using the Navan app

The Ability to Act Now

It was important for Twilio leadership to move fast, and they were able to roll out the solution and integration within 3 weeks. The team needed one global solution to support not only the travelers, but also the finance team. “Consolidating all of our bookings to one platform allows us to have better visibility into our travel program as a whole and make more strategic decisions,” explains Nina Panzeca, Travel Specialist at Twilio.

An expanded view of hotel policy analytics using the Navan app

A Tech-Forward Solution

As a technology company, it was important that Twilio aligned itself with partners who also valued tech to improve the user experience. With AI-powered search and cost-saving incentives, Navan was a fit. “Twilio wanted an easy-to-use platform that aligned with us tech-wise as well. We wanted a company that was going to grow with Twilio,” said Nina Panzeca, Travel Specialist at Twilio.

A desktop view of travel spend analysis using the Navan app

Data to Drive Direction

By increasing visibility into spend, Navan empowered the Twilio finance team to be able to build more accurate policies and better control costs. “Before Navan, travel and entertainment was a complete blackhole from a reporting perspective. With Navan reporting, we now have all these details to guide our business and budget owners in the right direction,” says Brian Allen, Senior Financial Analyst, Twilio.

With Navan reporting, we now have all these details to help guide our business and budget owners in the right direction. It is really critical to understand all those dynamics as we grow the company.

Brian Allen

Senior Financial Analyst

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