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4 Reasons Why Nulo Chose Navan over Ramp

A detailed look at three business travel interfaces using the Navan app on mobile

Navan Wins Over Nulo with All-in-One Solution

Nulo, an award-winning pet food company based in Austin, Texas, saw an uptick in sales as many turned toward the comfort and companionship of furry friends throughout the pandemic.

With the company growing to over 50 employees, the world returning to normal, and more team members resuming business travel, Nulo needed to optimize its travel and spend program as its previous solutions were quickly becoming a headache.

We sat down with Senior Accounting Manager, Madelynn Coe, to learn why Nulo chose Navan as its all-in-one travel, corporate card, and spend management solution.

A collage view of a submitted expense on the Navan mobile app, hotel search results using the Navan desktop app, and the Navan corporate card

All-in-One Solution

“We looked at other solutions. It actually came down to Ramp and Navan — we decided that Navan is simply the better long-term solution for Nulo at this point because Ramp is just a credit card/expense reporting product without an actual travel solution. Navan takes care of the entire T&E process from beginning to end.”

A collage view of a Paris trip itinerary on the Navan mobile app and the Navan corporate card

End-to-End Travel Management

“Employees will no longer be left scrambling after a canceled flight or a sudden change in plans due to weather or scheduling conflicts. If we went with Ramp, this would have been another issue in need of solving later down the road.”

A collage view of the expense reimbursements interface on the Navan mobile app and a man enjoying the Navan app on his phone

Procurement Simplified with Navan Expense

"We love how easy it is to turn virtual cards on or off and to set spend limits in real-time using custom policy controls, but we especially love how easy it is to create a virtual card. Previously, it would be a three-day process to request, create and deliver. With Navan Expense, it’s so simple and instant.”

I’m particularly excited that transactions will now be automated. For recurring monthly expenses, it will be a set and forget; transactions will now be automatically coded and mapped from Navan Expense to Netsuite in real-time.

Madelynn Coe

Senior Accounting Manager

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