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Nilfisk Chooses Navan for Transparency & Adoption

A detailed look at three business travel interfaces using the Navan app on mobile

By switching to Navan, Nilfisk found the cost visibility, travel agent support, and elegant booking experience that it had long been searching for.

Jean-Baptiste Pivard, Head of Indirect Procurement at Nilfisk, knew it was time for his company to switch travel management companies at the end of 2019. Years of confusing support costs, a frustrating booking experience, and low employee adoption underscored the need for change. What he didn’t know, however, was how prescient that change would become as corporate travel was transformed throughout 2020.

By switching to Navan in the midst of a global pandemic, Nilfisk found the cost visibility, travel agent support, and elegant booking experience that it had long been searching for and that would allow its global corporate travel program to grow through 2021 and beyond.


  • Zero visibility or control into spend
  • Low adoption rates
  • High costs for support
  • Uncomfortable booking experience

Results with Navan

  • Visibility & insights into spend
  • Single trip fee
  • Unlimited 24/7 global travel agents
  • Elegant booking experience

Photograph of a Navan traveler carrying their luggage and enjoying the Navan app

A Frustrating Experience for All

A leader in cleaning technology, Nilfisk’s Copenhagen-based team is driven by their passion for innovation, sustainability, and transformative technologies. Their previous TMC did not share similar values. “It was not user-friendly,” explains Jean-Baptiste, who has 12 years of international procurement experience.

Navan traveler enjoying chat support using the Navan app

24/7/365 Travel Agent Support

Nilfisk implemented Navan in June 2020 as the team started traveling again for essential business. Not only did Nilfisk’s employees now have access to 24/7/365 live travel agents worldwide, but Jean-Baptiste could confidently encourage them to reach out as often as necessary. Unlimited Navan travel agent support is included in a single trip fee.

A desktop view of a complete expense spend overview using the Navan app

Adoption Rates on the Rise

With Navan, Nilfisk gains access to a comprehensive supply chain including low-cost carriers relevant to the region and NDC direct connections. It is also on its way to skyrocketing adoption rates from their previous provider. Navan customers report an average adoption rate of 90%.

Navan’s pricing model is very clear. With previous TMCs, I never knew how much we’d ultimately pay for a booking. With Navan, there is one transparent price and it makes a big difference.

Jean-Baptiste Pivard

Head of Indirect Procurement

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