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Navan Transforms How PayFit's Finance Team Manages Travel

If there’s any company shaking up Europe’s payroll software market, it's PayFit. The payroll management specialist is on a mission to simplify HR processes for SMEs and has established itself as an industry leader since it was founded in 2015.

After opening offices in Paris, London, and Barcelona, the French tech unicorn saw its travel volume increase and began encountering problems with its previous travel provider. In early 2023, it decided to partner with Navan, a choice made easy by Navan’s close cultural fit and shared passion for relentless innovation. The result: a winning partnership that has seen PayFit simplify its travel program, cut travel costs, and improve the user experience.

Challenges Before Navan

  • Limited travel inventory
  • Time-consuming, manual HR and accounting processes
  • Shortage of reliable, real-time data

Results with Navan

  • 13% savings on hotels*
  • 13% savings on flights*
  • 4.5/5 traveler support rating
  • Big time savings on travel management

*Based on PayFit travel data from 04/01/23 to 09/30/23.

Man jumping with excitement over his upcoming business trip to Berlin using the Navan app

Before Navan: limited inventory, platform leakage, and manual processes

Before partnering with Navan, PayFit used a travel management solution with a limited travel inventory, particularly outside of France, and poor user experience.

As a result, many bookings were made off platform, particularly in Spain and the UK, which meant account admins had incomplete travel data and were unable to optimize the company travel program. Budgeting accurately was difficult and admins lacked information on traveler whereabouts, limiting their duty of care capabilities.

The booking platform was unintuitive and required significant manual work, whether to validate employee bookings, process travel data, or build accurate, usable reports.

Picture of Navan employees shaking hands

Why PayFit chose Navan

Julien Lachowski, FP&A Director at PayFit, recalls that the following factors were decisive when choosing Navan as PayFit’s new business travel management solution:

  • Broad travel inventory
  • User-friendly platform
  • Customizable travel policies
  • Dynamic policies that boost savings potential
  • Powerful reporting and real-time data
  • Streamlined expense management process

After onboarding, the team at PayFit was quickly impressed by Navan's user-friendly platform, intuitive dashboards, and in-depth data reporting.

Photograph of a Navan traveler carrying their luggage and enjoying the Navan app

The Navan effect: Enhanced traveler experience and time savings

Switching to Navan gave PayFit travelers access to a much larger travel inventory that meets the needs of its employees in France, Spain, and the UK. Employees enjoy the intuitive user experience and how easy it is to modify or cancel a trip directly in the mobile app. 

With platform adoption having increased markedly, admins are better informed of traveler whereabouts, boosting their duty of care. Travelers, meanwhile, benefit from 24/7 travel support.

Thanks to the real-time data available in the Navan platform, accounting and HR teams can pull reports with ease, giving them more time for tasks that add greater value to the company.

A close look at flight policy settings using the Navan desktop app

The Navan effect: Customizable policies that boost savings

"One of the many benefits of Navan is how customizable the platform is," Julien says. PayFit has established different travel policies and spending limits depending on a range of factors including employee seniority, destination, and trip type. 

These policies are automatically implemented in the platform, which helps create trust and transparency across the company. Managers no longer have to check and approve every booking, while employees have greater autonomy.

In addition to being customizable, spending policies in the Navan platform are dynamic and adjust according to the median price in each destination. This ensures spending limits are reflective of the market rate at the time of booking and allows PayFit to make considerable savings.

A narrow collage view of a carbon emissions analytics modal in the Navan app and a man having a good time on a vespa

Features to support PayFit's sustainability strategy

Sustainability is an important topic for PayFit, and Navan quickly proved itself an effective partner in reducing the environmental impact of the company’s travel program.

When booking a trip on the Navan platform, travelers are encouraged to travel by train rather than plane for viable routes thanks to the train over plane feature which prioritizes lower emitting options. The impact is already being seen — the number of journeys made by rail has risen significantly compared to last year, while air travel has fallen.

PayFit also benefits from detailed sustainability reporting in the Navan platform, which enables admins to analyze its travel policies in detail. Admins can calculate carbon emissions reports per trip, department, or for the whole company. This capability means PayFit can now study its carbon footprint accurately and with granularity, and identify ways to reduce its emissions.

Picture of a happy Navan traveler who happens to be an astronaut

Looking to the future

Having already achieved excellent results since onboarding, PayFit travel admins are now working hand in hand with their dedicated Navan account manager to optimize the company travel program.

The platform’s integrations and automation capabilities are helping PayFit streamline its internal workflows and save employees across the company time. 

Meanwhile, the numerous NDC connections on the Navan platform are giving PayFit access to cheaper airfares and generating higher savings.

The benefits PayFit is seeing

Within the company, many teams are benefitting from Navan's user-centric solution:

Finance team:

Sees all spend in real time

Gets accurate insights on program performance

Focuses on higher-impact tasks

HR team:

Gets real-time visibility of all employee travel

Saves precious time with automated policies and approval processes


Self-book travel in a few clicks 

Access a vast travel inventory

Get travel support directly in the mobile app

Book cheaper options thanks to dynamic policies

Sustainability team:

Uses real-time data to track carbon emissions against company targets 

Encourages more sustainable options with customizable travel policies

“Since implementing Navan, we've saved a lot of time managing employee travel expenses. I've been able to concentrate on other, more valuable tasks.”

Julien Lachowski

FP&A Director

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