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Path Robotics Streamlines Global Growth with Navan’s T&E Suite

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With its state-of-the-art technology and groundbreaking innovations, Path Robotics is at the forefront of robotic automation in manufacturing.

As a hyper-growth company, Path Robotics doubled in size in 2020 and again in 2021. Alex Anthony, former Director of Accounting and Corporate Finance at Path Robotics, sought a travel and expense solution to keep up with the company’s growth. 

“I dreamed that there was a tool out there that could do it all, so discovering Navan was like finding the holy grail,” she said.

Challenges Before Navan

  • Painful approvals process 
  • Poor UI
  • Slow reimbursements
  • 25%+ leakage 
  • 20+ hours/week reconciling expenses

Results with Navan

  • 15% savings on travel
  • Nearly 100% adoption
  • Automation of all expense management 
  • One-stop shop for travel and expense

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Before Navan

Prior to Navan, Path Robotics used a combination of Concur, Forrester Travel, a national bank, and Teampay for booking, payments, and travel and expense management. “The global nature of our operations meant that we had expenses streaming in from all corners of the world. We had different teams using different systems; keeping track and ensuring timely reconciliations was becoming a nightmare,” said Anthony.

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The Navan Revolution

Understanding the need for a comprehensive solution, Path Robotics turned to Navan’s full suite of products. Given Navan’s track record with tech-forward enterprises, Path Robotics was confident in the platform’s ability to streamline its complex processes.

“The onboarding and adoption process went so smoothly,” said Anthony. “Navan was a strategic partner in setting us up for success from day one, by thoughtfully communicating the change and implementing a detailed rollout that naturally flows into adoption.”

Path Robotics achieved remarkable results within the first three months, achieving nearly 100% adoption.

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Reaping the Benefits of Integration

With Navan, the payments and expense management process was transformed — practically overnight. 

  • The company eliminated out-of-policy spend thanks to controls programmed directly into cards
  • Employees can instantly log their expenses, regardless of where they are
  • The finance team no longer has to spend hours manually crunching numbers

Navan transformed all the operational and expense-related processes, by streamlining tasks and providing real-time analytics into previously overlooked insights.

“The controls, scalability, ease, and usability of Navan make our lives so much easier.”

Alex Anthony

Former Director of Accounting and Corporate Finance

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