Adient Saves 15% on Hotels, 16% on Flights with Navan

Prague business trip itinerary on Navan

Since onboarding with Navan, Adient has enjoyed a seamless and intuitive travel experience that allows its employees to travel with ease — a world away from its previous solutions.

Working for a multinational company, Adient’s European employees travel frequently across the region, including to the UK, Germany, Serbia, and Romania.

Adient has two main categories of travelers:

  • Administrative workers, who tend to travel to its office locations
  • Production workers, who travel to its factories in more remote locations

It therefore requires a travel provider with an extensive inventory selection and excellent customer support for when things don’t go as planned.

Challenges Before Navan

  • Lack of suitable travel inventory
  • Time-consuming, manual processes 
  • Inadequate traveler support and data reporting

Results with Navan

  • 15% savings on hotels*
  • 16% savings on flights*
  • 91% hotel attachment
  • 88% CSAT

*Based on Adient bookings from 01/01/23 to 07/31/23.

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Before Navan — the problem

Neither of Adient’s disparate travel solutions served its purpose in Europe, creating significant inefficiencies for its employees.

  • Travelers couldn't find accommodation in remote areas or book low-cost airlines, forcing them to go off-platform
  • Adient lacked comprehensive spend data, hindering planning and budgeting
  • Travelers had to deal with extensive customer support wait times
A desktop view of travel spend analysis using the Navan app.

The Navan effect

Adient travelers immediately felt the benefits of Navan and began self-booking trips with ease on the intuitive Navan platform, choosing from an extensive inventory that includes low-cost airlines. And Adient gained full visibility of traveler whereabouts, overall trip costs, or areas of overspend.

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Support for meetings and events

Adient also uses Navan’s meetings and events services to organize large company events. Adient simply briefs Navan company Reed & Mackay on its events requirements and they take control of the entire process, organizing events for thousands of employees around Europe.

We surveyed employees about Navan after nine months and the feedback about the booking tool and overall experience was overwhelmingly positive.

Juraj Krajcik

Manager Credit Cards Global & Travel EMEA


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