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Canva Saves Nearly 30 Minutes Every Time a Trip is Booked

Man jumping with excitement over his upcoming business trip to Seoul using the Navan app

While Canva launched in 2013, the platform’s ease of use quickly turned the budding startup into a high-growth organization with 20M+ monthly active users across 190 countries. Naturally, travel was a huge lever for that growth and Navan played a vital role.

Canva is a modern graphic-design platform that aims to make design accessible for everyone. One of Australia’s fastest growing companies, the organization considers in-person collaboration more valuable than virtual conferencing. And as Canva grew, business trips started to increase rapidly, which is not surprising considering the organization’s now international presence.

As a Commercial Accountant for Canva, Amanda Lim manages finances for Canva’s internal teams, working closely with Team Happiness to keep employees engaged and productive.


  • Managing travel bookings took up 60% of their accountant’s time
  • Lacked the time and tools to track travel spend
  • High growth, needed to understand trends
  • Travel spend was difficult to reconcile

Results with Navan

  • 30 minutes saved per trip booked
  • Centralized access to global inventory
  • International coverage and 24/7 global support
  • Control and policy compliance

A detailed look at three business travel interfaces using the Navan app on mobile

Empowering Self-Service

After looking into other travel solutions, Amanda believed the Navan platform could best empower everyone at Canva to book their own travel. When their travel policy was unmanaged, Canva’s HR specialist booked trips for employees, which involved collecting information from each individual before even starting the search for flights, lodging, and rental cars. At times, managing all the travel bookings would take more than 60% of her time.

Navan traveler enjoying chat support using the Navan app

“It was like having my own personal travel agent…”

“We started booking travel as soon as we rolled out Navan internally,” Amanda said. “My first trip was for a visit to the Canva Manila office, and it was really easy and straightforward to book on the Navan platform. Plus, the proactive, real-time notifications and overall customer support experience made it feel like Navan was there with me for my entire journey. It was like having my own personal travel agent in my back pocket!”

For Amanda and her team, it’s much easier to track travel spend when all the booking happens in one central platform. Instead of trying to balance multiple credit card statements and match the transactions to receipts, the team has immediate visibility into where their travelers are going and what they’re spending with greater ease and speed.

Picture of happy Navan traveler wearing headphones and listening to some tunes

Success in Saving Time

Since bringing Navan onboard, Canva has streamlined its entire business travel management process. While implementing Navan and rolling it out to the team was fast and simple, this was only part of the equation. The time savings here has meant all the difference — they estimate they save up to 30 minutes per trip booked.

"Booking through Navan not only saves time but makes our lives easier while saving the company money."

Amanda Lim

Commercial Accountant

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