Expense management reimagined

The expense management solution that drives savings, productivity, and real-time visibility

Automate expense management from swipe to reconciliation

Control company spend

Eliminate out-of-policy spend before it happens with proactive spend controls enforced at the point of sale

Drive efficiency at scale

Automate reconciliation and eliminate expense reports with our innovative corporate card solution

Real-time monitoring

Track and monitor end-to-end travel spend in one place, and turn insights into action with real-time analytics

Control spend, pay easily, and track all of your company’s travel costs

A collage including the Navan corporate card, expense policy settings, and a Navan rewards total

Corporate Cards

  • Easy payments & rewards: Equip employees to pay for anything, anywhere, and earn a 1% rebate on eligible spend through corporate cards.
  • Total control over spend: Build hyper-custom policies into corporate cards to proactively eliminate out-of-policy spend before it happens.
  • End-to-end automation: Transaction details are automatically categorized and reconciled, automating approvals and eliminating expense reports.
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Expense Reimbursements

  • Simplify expenses: Snap a photo of a receipt and Navan takes care of the rest, automatically submitting expenses in seconds.
  • Easy reimbursements: Effortlessly repay employees for out-of-pocket expenses whether it was paid with cash or a personal card.
  • Global rapid reimbursements: Reimburse employees within days, not weeks, across 45 countries and 25 currencies.
Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

  • View all travel spend in one place: Access a multi-dimensional view of all global spend across cards and reimbursements on a single dashboard. 
  • Data-driven decisions: Reduce spend leakage, improve forecasting, and optimize expense policies with real-time contextual insights of spend data.
  • VAT compliant invoices: Navan enables businesses to capture, track, and report on VAT transactions so they can reclaim up to 25% on their expenses.

"Since switching to Navan Expense, we are saving 15-20 hours per month on expense management."

Jurie Victor

Director of Finance & Accounting

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