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Feb 28, 2022

TripActions Expands into Scandinavia with Resia Acquisition

The Navan Team

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TripActions is further strengthening its position in Europe. This week, Resia, a leading corporate travel agency in Sweden, joined TripActions in its journey to become the leading international solution for modern travel, corporate cards, and expense management.

The acquisition is just the latest in a string of investments that TripActions has made in Europe this last year, including the acquisition of Comtravo, a new partnership with Lufthansa Group, the regional launch of TripActions Liquid, and the acquisition of Reed & Mackay.

The product is also growing to meet these needs. Beyond the launch of TripActions Liquid in Europe, the company has also localized its platform to multiple countries and languages, improved domestic rail inventory, reinforced its M&E and VIP capabilities, and launched new sustainability tools.

Across this effort, the goal from TripActions is clear: to become the number one solution for travel, corporate cards, and expense management for ALL of Europe, balancing a modern technology stack with cost savings, outstanding regional service, and duty-of-care.

I hope that you’ll join us on the journey. Across all of the recent investments in support and product, the offering for TripActions customers in Europe has never been better.

Let’s go!
Danny Finkel
Chief Commercial Officer

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