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New Navan Expense Features Simplify Travel

June 2024: New Navan Expense Features Simplify Travel

Samantha Shankman

28 Jun 2024
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Navan Expense June 2024: Streamline Your Workflow

June of 2024 brought some exciting new features to Navan Expense. See the highlights below and check out the full list of Navan Expense launch announcements.

Navan customers can now add corporate cards to the Navan platform in stages, giving businesses more control over when and how they roll out Navan.

What is Navan Connect?

Navan Connect is an innovative card-link technology that allows businesses to enjoy all the perks of automated expense management without switching from their current trusted bank cards.

Companies can start with a test phase before extending Navan Expense to all employees in a specific division or roll out the technology based on the type of card or role of employees.

Navan developed this flexible rollout option in direct response to customer feedback. The new feature allows for smoother transitions to Navan Connect across businesses.

For instance, not all employees need to be on Navan Connect from the start. Companies can introduce Navan Connect in controlled stages to prevent disruptions, maintain productivity, and reduce confusion by aligning with admin-set official card start dates.

We’re excited to offer flexible rollouts that enhance our enterprise customers’ experience with Navan Connect, by making this innovative feature easier to integrate and launch across their companies. Current Navan Connect customers can contact their account manager to learn more.

Navan Connect Flexible Roll-outs

Expanded Language Support for Navan Expense

Navan Expense now supports seven new languages: Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, and Polish, in addition to English, German, and French. This new language support significantly enhances the admin and employee experience for those who speak one of these languages and provides a consistent experience across the Navan travel and expense platform. 

Admins and employees can set their preferred language in their profile for a personalized experience.

Expanded Language Support on Navan Expense

Additional Bulk Actions

Bulk actions on Navan Expense lets you handle multiple tasks simultaneously, instead of one by one. With just a few click,s you can approve or reject several transactions at the same time or request more information on a group of expenses.

This feature saves time and effort, by making the approval process more efficient and less repetitive. New bulk actions are available in the Navan Expense admin dashboard, including:

  • Switch approvers: Navan Expense admins can designate managers and other employees to approve transactions, and managers can send transactions to admins for review.
  • Change expense type: An expense type will be automatically assigned to every transaction based on the retailer (e.g., the expense type for Uber is Taxi & Rideshare). When reviewing transactions, admins have the chance to edit incorrect expense types. 
  • Add or update a transaction’s details: Add or update transaction fields (like GL codes) or HR fields (like department or cost center).

Navan Expense admins can now complete these actions in bulk on up to 50 transactions simultaneously.

Previously, admins had to perform these actions individually, adding time and hassle to their transaction review process. These new bulk actions streamline the process and make admins more efficient when managing, approving, and updating transaction data.

More Bulk Actions on Navan Expense

Navan Expense never slows down; we always strive to meet the evolving needs of finance and accounting teams everywhere. Watch a demo today.

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