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The Top Reason One Company Moved from Egencia to Navan

The Top Reason One Company Moved from Egencia to Navan

The Navan Team

16 Jan 2024
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APCO Worldwide Case Study Hero Image: Smiling woman in an orange turtleneck sweater

APCO Worldwide and its 30 global offices faced many travel challenges with Egencia. But for the company’s globetrotting employees, inventory issues were the biggest — and most noticeable — hurdle.

“Our employees were comparing the inventory that was available on Egencia to the inventory they could find through their own searching online,” explained Philip Fraser, chief information officer at APCO. And they were frustrated that they were finding better options when searching directly with travel providers or through consumer online booking tools.

A lack of diverse and competitive inventory can be detrimental to a travel program. Frustrated employees may end up booking off-platform, which makes it difficult for companies to track expenses, ensure policy compliance, and get accurate and consolidated data. 

“It was very hard to tell a traveler they needed to book everything within Egencia because the underlying inventory wasn’t in place,” said Fraser. “We needed a solution that could give us access to the content they were surfacing elsewhere.”

Navan sources its travel content from diverse industry and consumer channels, and it has made integrating New Distribution Capability a priority. This holistic approach to inventory ensures that the platform includes some of the market’s most competitive fares and rates.

The switch to Navan came with some other benefits as well:

  • Cost Savings: APCO has saved 19% on travel; 8% of these savings are generated from Navan Rewards, which incentive employees to make cost-conscious bookings.
  • Quick, Easy Booking: A full booking — flight, hotel, and car — takes an APCO traveler just 7 minutes on average.
  • Dynamic Policy: Navan dynamically determines policy thresholds for flights and hotels at the time of search — a process that APCO once had to manually adjust and track using spreadsheets.

Best of all: Employees enjoy using Navan.

“Navan’s helped us modernize the way we’re handling business travel for our employees. Our employees are telling us they’re having a really good experience,” said Fraser.

Read the full case study to see more reasons why APCO made the switch to Navan.

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