Navan Celebrates New HQ in Palo Alto

Navan Celebrates New HQ in Palo Alto

Jeff Shadoian

21 Oct 2022
1 minute read
The entrance lobby and coffee shop at TripActions HQ.

There's something special about connecting in person. 

Placing a high value on in-person connections is the foundation of Navan—and it’s why we continue to invest in our offices. This September, Navan relocated its Palo Alto headquarters to a new building and designed a nuanced environment that optimizes for employee productivity, teamwork, and connection. 

Navan leaned into the concepts of destinations and hospitality when thinking about the design of the space. In the lobby, for example, there’s a coffee bar where teams can connect throughout the day, and guests visiting for the first time can get a glimpse into what life is like at Navan.

The office is designed into neighborhoods geared toward the needs of each department. The building also boasts an outdoor patio that can be used for work and the occasional happy hour, collaboration spaces for team brainstorming, and private spaces for when employees need to be heads-down to meet a deadline.

Navan feels that offices need to be flexible and dynamic, and the company will continue to invest in spaces across the globe that make a real difference in our team members’ lives and the work they’re able to do. With 38+ offices in 15+ countries, the Palo Alto HQ remains an important meeting place for our global teams.

Explore the new space:

Images of the new TripActions HQ
TripActioners enjoy lunch from food trucks.
Image of travel magazines at new TripActions HQ.
Outside the TripActions HQ entrance.
Colleagues grab coffee at the TripActions HQ coffee bar.
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