Talent Spotlight: Oreva Otobo's Career Insights

Talent Spotlight: Oreva Otobo's Rise in Sales at Navan

Samantha Shankman

20 Nov 2023
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Talent Spotlight: Oreva Otobo's Rise in Sales at Navan

Oreva Otobo is building a storied sales career at Navan, where she's played an integral role as one of the founding members of the London sales team. Oreva joined Navan at the height of the pandemic when she spotted the opportunity to make a difference in a rapidly changing industry. 

She joined the company in 2020 as a sales development representative and quickly became the top performer in quota attainment for nine consecutive months. She showcased dedication and strategic thinking in a challenging time when the company and industry faced pandemic-related setbacks. 

“I knew it would make me a very good salesperson if I learned how to sell travel to a world that’s not traveling,” said Oreva.

She embraced the challenge and learned to quickly pivot in conversations and reframe narratives that pushed customers to think through their future travel management strategy in a unique sales environment.

Today, Oreva is a senior commercial account executive with ambitions to continue growing her career at the company.

Why Navan

Having used Navan in her previous role at Samsara, she recognized the growth potential and was enticed by Navan’s emphasis on sales as part art and part science. The company’s culture, commitment to employee development, and the vast addressable market further fueled her decision to join Navan.

“One of the biggest things I noticed was the emphasis and the focus on development, training, and tools that we had in place to make us successful,” said Oreva. “The people and the mindset here are all about achieving at a high level.”

Over the years, she has witnessed and contributed to the company’s substantial growth, from a small team working remotely to a bustling office of more than 160 people in London alone. Today, Oreva loves the office’s thriving and dynamic atmosphere.

As a woman in sales, Oreva has a unique perspective on navigating a field that traditionally employs more men than women. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on performance rather than gender and encouraging women to be confident, bold, and unapologetically themselves. 

“If one person can do it, there’s no reason that you can not. Your mindset determines how far you can go," said Oreva. Her experience highlights the supportive environment at Navan, where mentorship opportunities are readily available. Individuals are recognized and rewarded regardless of their level within the company.

Reflecting on her career growth, Oreva credits part of her success to the precise goals she has set for herself, aiming for a transition to the mid-market and, eventually, a managerial role. 

Call for Consolidated T&E Solution

Oreva has had a front-row seat to companies’ changing perception of travel and expense management and was on the receiving end of the excitement that followed the easing of pandemic restrictions. She’s since witnessed a growing appetite for a full suite of end-to-end travel and expense management solutions, especially as organizations prepare for the future.

“There was serious excitement from 2021 when people were getting back to travel,” Oreva said. “Today, I’m seeing a growing appetite as people create their 2024 budgets and recognize the full value of consolidating travel, expense, and cards on one platform.”

Built for Success

Oreva, who recently spoke on a panel focused on women in revenue at Navan, finds sharing her experiences and insights essential. She emphasizes the need for individuals to seek mentorship and learning opportunities proactively.

The "Own Your Career Journey" at Navan profiled female leaders in revenue.

Oreva Otobo’s journey at Navan exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous growth. From her early days as an SDR to her current role as a senior commercial account executive, Oreva’s story reflects Navan’s vibrant culture and the opportunities it offers for personal and professional development. 

Oreva is a role model for anyone starting a career in sales. She’s demonstrated that success knows no gender boundaries in a supportive and forward-thinking workplace like Navan.

Navan is actively hiring sales team members globally. See available positions at Navan.

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