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How to Book Field and Crew Workers for Temporary and Full-Time Assignments

How to Book Field and Crew Workers for Temporary and Full-Time Assignments

Samantha Shankman

10 Oct 2022
3 minute read
Crew workers on a barge.

The knowledge economy predominates the conversation when it comes to corporate travel. How will human resources move executives, sales teams, and marketers from San Francisco to New York for a week? What’s the per diem? How can travelers use their preferred credit card to receive loyalty points for company-expensed lodging costs?

But there are many other use cases for corporate travel, including field and crew work travel. Field and crew workers are a critical part of the economy; their hands-on work turns ideas into reality. And managing their travel can become a complex and confusing task without the right real-time modern travel management solution. It might be moving flight attendants, cruise ship staff, or truck drivers outside of their designated travel path. It could be managing travel for international contractors who require special permits since they’re not U.S. citizens. In fact, many career paths outside of the traditional knowledge worker still require corporate travel.

Navan was designed to power in-person connections, whether for a meeting, offsite, interview, audition, or moving a group from point A to point B to get work done in person. And the Navan solution was built to account for every case of corporate travel—even those situations where travelers want or need to bring family members along.

Here we’ll highlight two important tools for booking field- and crew-worker travel, depending on whether they’re full-time employees within an organization, seasonal contractors employed for a certain period of time, or team travel for a specific project.

How to Book Field and Crew Workers Who Are Full-Time Team Members: Team Travel

The Navan Team Travel tool is an innovative solution that offers travel managers and their employees an intuitive booking platform when arranging travel for an entire group. It helps stakeholders make the best decisions for their team’s travel while streamlining the booking process.

A few important elements of the Team Travel solution are:

Event creation: Create and customize events for up to 50 team members in just a few clicks. Pick check-in dates, period of time for the project, on-site or nearby hotels, and payment methods.

Seamless experience: The stakeholder in charge of crew management can configure the work order and invite participants, who are guided through their booking process with pre-selected options based on a company policy that also minimize travel time.

Smart support: If needed, organizers can request support from the Navan Meetings & Events team to secure meeting space and hotel room blocks where crew members can meet to discuss the project.

Real-time data. Travel managers will gain access to insights and real-time data to make informed decisions about bringing together field and crew workers, including travel restrictions, carbon emissions, and health guidelines.

How to Book Field and Crew Workers Who Aren’t Full-Time Employees: Guest Invite

The Navan Guest Invite solution streamlines the process for booking short-term crew travel; it also empowers those who book guest travel to invite external providers to book their own itineraries. This innovative solution minimizes the back-and-forth necessary to book travel for crew members and provides a better overall experience for both travel managers and external providers.

By simplifying travel arrangements, Navan also helps human resource departments and team members save time and energy. The solution also gives crew members the best first experience with a new company: no messy reimbursements, expense reports, or additional information are needed for travel expenses.

Whether you’re asking field and crew workers to travel for an entire season or just a few days—and whether they’re crossing counties or countries—the Navan Guest Travel and Team Travel solutions ensure that these team members receive the same level of support, booking ease, and payment options as any other full-time executive. These tools also provide travel managers will complete, real-time visibility into their bookings and spend, in order to streamline efficiencies while keeping everyone safe.

Learn more about Navan Guest Travel Solution here.

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