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The Future of Business Travel Is Here

The Future of Business Travel Is Here

Samantha Shankman

27 Dec 2022
3 minute read
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Whether you’re flying from New York to Bogota on American Airlines, Berlin to Boston on Lufthansa, or Sydney to Singapore on Qantas, you can be treated like a VIP on your next business trip.

Navan has decoded the travel industry and rebuilt everything from searching to booking to post-trip reimbursements from the ground up to create the most elite experience in travel. Even better, with new products released recently, Navan has improved everything from personal travel to team travel for meetings and events to make every experience on par with executive travel. But don’t take it from us: Sneak a peek at all the times Navan was mentioned in travel news in 2022.

What Makes Navan Different

We believe being there in person is powerful. It enables employees to build relationships, close deals, and drive growth.

But traditionally, business travel was a lot of work. It meant enduring frustrating corporate travel management companies, adhering to unrealistic travel policies, worrying about carbon emissions, and paying for business travel spend on personal credit cards. No wonder many employees went rogue and opted out of their travel program.

But business travel doesn’t have to be this way. The legacy travel and expense management status quo is over.

There’s a new kind of travel experience awaiting every person who takes business trips, whether they work at a small business or a global enterprise. From airfares to car rentals, it’s never been easier to book travel aligned with your values—such as sustainability, wellness, and work style (hello, 5G Wi-Fi).

Why All-In-One Solutions Are Better

Navan is the only modern, all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution on the market — and this innovative solution created an entirely new category recognized by both travelers and investors. Since early 2020, Navan has recorded a 2x-plus valuation increase, validating the company’s choice to double down on travel and payment innovation during the pandemic's peak.

Navan delivers a consumer-like user experience that spans the entire travel booking process, while Navan Expense eliminates the need for employees to use their own funds for business spend or to file expense reports. As a result, organizations achieve high adoption, getting the visibility and real-time data needed to make the best business decisions around optimizing travel, minimizing travel risk, controlling costs, and saving money.

In addition, Navan offers a broad range of inventory through direct partnerships with suppliers like Lufthansa, top global distribution systems, and popular travel sites.

These are just a few reasons why Navan is trusted by enterprises globally — including Heineken, Thomson Reuters, and Zoom — to manage billions in travel budgets annually. 

Want more reasons? Navan reduces average booking time from 60 minutes to less than six, while achieving 90%+ traveler adoption, an unprecedented 93% traveler satisfaction, and up to 34% savings on lodging alone. Hundreds of Navan customers have switched from American Express Global Business Travel, CWT, and other outdated travel providers and TMCs to reimagine what travel can be — and do — for their business.

The future of travel, corporate cards, and expense management is here to stay, and we can’t wait for the adventure to continue to unfold.

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