Navan Announces Partnership With Nonprofit Global Glimpse

Navan to support future leaders with equitable access to travel through Global Glimpse

PALO ALTO, October 27, 2022 — Navan, the all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution, today announced its partnership with Global Glimpse, a leading nonprofit organization that partners with diverse high schools to provide a powerful travel experience focused on service learning, cultural immersion, and leadership development. Returns from Navan’s electronic waste recycling, which include such items as antiquated laptops and monitors, will be used to contribute to Global Glimpse’s scholarship fund, enabling the nonprofit to serve more students from low income backgrounds.

With the support of donors and partners, Global Glimpse has provided more than $14 million dollars in scholarships to send 7,500+ students and more than 700 educators on transformative international experiences. Over the past 14 years, Global Glimpse has served thousands of students across 100 underserved high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as New York, Chicago, and Massachusetts.

“With Global Glimpse, we found a like-minded organization to partner with that aligns with our mission of providing equitable access to travel,” says Whitnee Hawthorne, Chief Customer Officer of Navan. “Navan is honored to collaborate with Global Glimpse to contribute to the program’s offering of international travel experiences to students at such a pivotal age.”

While abroad, students have the opportunity to explore history, culture, politics, poverty, education, development, and business in a developing country. Students are challenged to think critically, collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds, and bring their new-found perspective back to their high schools and communities. The goal of these experiences is to equip and inspire young leaders to tackle the social, political, and economic challenges of their generation.

“When it comes to partnerships, having a mission that closely aligns with ours is key — and we’ve found that with Navan,” says Eliza Pesuit, Executive Director at Global Glimpse. “The students that are selected to travel and participate in our follow-on leadership and career readiness programs are going to be the politicians, business executives, teachers, and engineers of tomorrow — they are our future leaders. Our partners inspire our students to dream bigger and they support us to open the world to our students.”

The Global Glimpse program gives motivated students the opportunity to build powerful connections through the shared experience of travel breeding empathy, and fostering open mindedness:

As a leader in the industry, Navan is dedicated to intentionally advancing equity and access to travel through partnerships with social-impact organizations. Global Glimpse’s mission coincides with Navan’s goal of investing in communities where customers live and work by making travel more attainable to people from all backgrounds in ways that foster positive social change.

"Global Glimpse is an eye-opening experience where you get to engage in a new culture and community. You connect and grow as a leader," says former Global Glimpse student Amanda Z. of San Francisco, CA, who previously traveled to Constanza, Dominican Republic, with the program.

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Global Glimpse is a nonprofit organization that provides powerful travel, leadership, and global learning opportunities to high school students from diverse backgrounds. The program centers around a two week international experience focused on service-learning, cultural immersion, and leadership development. The Global Glimpse program builds empathy, agency, and global perspective preparing students to succeed in college and careers and drive change in their communities. Since 2008, Global Glimpse has served over 7,500 students and 700 educators across 100 high schools and provided $14 million dollars in travel scholarships to ensure that travel is accessible to all. / @globalglimpse

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