Navan Group Announces Fourth European Acquisition in 18 Months

Reed & Mackay Completes Purchase of Atlanta Events & Corporate Travel in Spain

LONDON, November 8, 2022 — The Navan Group today announced that its premium brand, Reed & Mackay, has completed the acquisition of its long-standing partner, the high-end Spanish corporate travel, meetings & events company, Atlanta Agencia de Viajes, S.A., d.b.a Atlanta Events & Corporate Travel Consultants. This marks the fourth Europe-based acquisition by the Navan Group in the past 18 months, adding Spain to the Group’s rapid expansion across Europe.

“Not only does Atlanta Events & Corporate Travel Consultants bring deep-rooted knowledge of the Spanish corporate travel, meetings and events market, its values also closely align with Reed & Mackay’s uncompromising focus on high-touch service,” says Reed & Mackay CEO, Fred Stratford.

Atlanta Events & Corporate Travel Consultants has been part of global service leader Reed & Mackay’s international partnership for more than a decade, and will now be positioned to meet the increasingly global needs of its client base. Both Navan’s and Reed & Mackay’s clients will gain enhanced expertise and content for the region.

Reed & Mackay's Meetings & Events employee base has grown by 5x year-over-year to meet the explosion in demand.

“As people look to meet face-to-face, meetings and events — including team onsites and offsites — are driving a large share of the recovery,” says Navan Co-founder and CEO, Ariel Cohen. “From Navan’s self-serve Team Travel platform to the expanding reach of Reed & Mackay, the Navan Group’s clear vision of post-pandemic travel continues to bear out. We’re excited to extend this vision and reach into Spain.”

The acquisition of Atlanta Events & Corporate Travel Consultants by Reed & Mackay is the latest in a quick succession of investments by the Navan Group as it doubles down in Europe. Navan acquired Reed & Mackay in May 2021 and followed that with the addition of Comtravo in Germany and Resia in Sweden in February and March of 2022, respectively.

Founded more than 40 years ago as a family business, Atlanta Events & Corporate Travel is today recognised as a leading player in Spain. It now has offices in Andalucia, Barcelona, and Madrid and over 70 business travel and event experts on staff.

“We are delighted to lead the start of Reed & Mackay and Navan in Spain, uniting strengths and guaranteeing the capability of offering all that companies need — now and in the future,” says Atlanta Events and Corporate Travel Consultants founder, Guillermo Fuster.

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