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Shoreditch ranks as London's most popular neighbourhood for business travellers

Ed Brooks

8 Jan 2024
2 minute read
London is Europe's top business travel destination according to Navan data

Shoreditch was London’s most popular neighbourhood for business travellers last year, according to Navan data. Home to some of London’s leading technology and creative businesses, Shoreditch’s relative affordability, proximity to other business hubs like the City of London and Canary Wharf, and mixture of luxury and mid-market accommodation made it a favourite choice for business travellers visiting London. More than 10% of all corporate hotel bookings made via Navan in 2023 were in Shoreditch.

The next most popular neighbourhood was Bankside, which accounted for 9% of Navan's corporate hotel bookings in London. The City (8%), Fitzrovia (5%), and Covent Garden (4%) made up the rest of the top five.

London was by far the most popular destination for business travellers in the UK in 2023, accounting for 61% of all corporate hotel bookings, ahead of Manchester, Birmingham (both 5%), Edinburgh, and Liverpool (both 2%).

More broadly, London was also Europe’s most visited destination for business travellers, making up 38% of all hotel bookings. Berlin was the second most visited (9%), followed by Dublin (8%), Amsterdam (7%), and Munich (5%).

Navan travel trend data

Navan is a corporate travel and expense management platform that uses state-of-the-art technology, such as generative AI, to manage business travel and expense for thousands of companies around the world, including the likes of Unilever, Heineken, Primark, Currys, and Stripe. Navan’s travel trend data draws on anonymised travel booking and corporate card spend data from thousands of global businesses.

Top London neighbourhoods by hotel bookings | 2023

  • Shoreditch (10%)
  • Bankside (9%)
  • City of London (8%)

Top UK cities by hotel bookings | 2023

  • London (61%)
  • Manchester (5%)
  • Birmingham (5%)

Top European cities by hotel bookings | 2023

  • London (38%)
  • Berlin (9%)
  • Dublin (8%)

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