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Navan’s commitment to sustainable travel

Understanding the environmental impact of travel is essential for modern businesses. Navan is dedicated to providing customers with a platform that educates, informs, and helps companies reach business travel environmental goals.

Navan’s comprehensive suite of sustainability offerings — designed to track and measure carbon emissions — equips our customers with the tools to make informed decisions and comply with environmental regulations.

In doing so, Navan aims to operate at the forefront of corporate travel sustainability.

Navan’s sustainability products and features

Companies of all sizes share carbon emission data with investors, board members, and the public. Partnering with Navan makes it easy to access the accurate and actionable insights necessary to understand a company’s travel CO2 emissions.

Navan identifies three pillars to help customers achieve their sustainability goals:

Track travel emissions using third-party audited emission factor sets

Manage avoidable carbon emissions

Report progress and identify which travel sources produce the highest emissions

With Navan’s sustainability features, organisations can track, measure, and manage travel-related carbon emissions:

Navan's carbon emissions calculator

Carbon emissions calculator

Customers can utilise three globally recognised carbon calculating methodologies to ensure data congruence: DEFRA, ICAO, and TREMOD. All sustainability data in the Navan platform can be exported via API to ensure complete data access.

Navan's CO2 dashboard

CO2 dashboard

Navan offers real-time visibility and actionable insights backed by exceptional data at a granular level, including passenger name, department, airport, booking or travel date, or region.

What are carbon emissions? Navan dashboard

Emissions visibility integrated into flight shopping

Travellers can see the carbon emissions associated with each flight option; tangible examples of environmental impact drive informed choices.

Navan's rail alternative pop-up

Rail alternative pop-up

Navan nudges travellers to consider rail routes instead of flights for journeys less than 400 miles / 650 kilometres.

Carbon emissions data on the Navan platform

Individual emissions section

Track your CO2 emissions, including distance travelled and cost per tonne of emissions generated.

Navan Compensate

Navan Compensate

Optimise and compensate for unavoidable emissions through access to quality carbon credits.

Sustainability partnerships

Navan's sustainability strategy thrives on collaboration with companies that are global experts in the field.

Navan's Sustainable Aviation Fuel partnership with Neste


Navan and Neste support customers with access to sustainable aviation fuel — a pivotal technology for addressing and claiming Scope 3 emissions, which refer to any emissions generated from business travel. 

Neste Sustainable Aviation Fuel, derived from food waste and residual materials, decreases greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil fuels.

Neste logo

"Navan and Neste seek to revolutionise the industry by driving widespread adoption of sustainable aviation fuel as a key lever to reduce aviation-related emissions. Navan is an ideal partner to encourage business travellers to start including sustainable aviation fuel in their travel activities and take responsibility to reduce their aviation-related emissions."
Susanne Bouma
Head of Customer Experience & Offering at Neste
Navan's sustainability partnership with SQUAKE


In partnership with SQUAKE, Navan offers a carbon compensation service that facilitates access to quality carbon credits through a meticulously crafted five-step process. Navan Compensate streamlines the otherwise inefficient and opaque process of engaging with multiple stakeholders and suppliers to compensate for emissions.


"The partnership between Navan and SQUAKE enables customers to mitigate unavoidable emissions via high quality, certified carbon projects, such as Direct Air Capture, Biochar, or similar, with a strong focus on carbon removal."
Philipp von Lamezan
CEO and co-founder of SQUAKE

Taking action

Transparency is at the heart of our sustainability strategy. Along with our customers, Navan is learning how to manage the company's emissions without missing out on the power of in-person connections.

Navan’s detailed analysis of our greenhouse gas emissions in 2023 underscores our commitment to continuous improvement and accountability in our environmental performance.

Here are the steps Navan’s leaders are taking:

Navan's CO2 emissions data dashboard

Navan’s CO2 emissions

Navan pledges to publish a year-over-year comparison of its emissions. The initial 2023 baseline will be a starting point for a comprehensive CO2 emissions reduction strategy.  

Navan’s global CO2 emissions for 2023 accounted for 21,062.73 tonnes, mainly driven by Scope 3, or indirect emissions, which account for roughly 98% of Navan’s 2023 total emissions.

Scope 1 emissions (transportation): 

0.04% of Navan’s 2023 carbon emissions

Main source: Company cars used in Germany.  

Scope 2 emissions (Location-based):  

1.5% of Navan’s 2023 carbon emissions

Source: Electricity and heating supply for Navan offices

Scope 3 emissions (indirect):

~98% of Navan’s 2023 carbon emissions

Source: Suppliers, hardware products, purchased foods and services, and business travel

Scope 3 emissions are a key focus of our decarbonisation efforts, given that we have more direct control over our purchased goods and services and business travel than many other parts of our value chain.

Navan's carbon emissions have been calculated in accordance with the official guidelines and methodologies set forth by the GHG Protocol.

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