For finance teams

Get full control and visibility of travel and expense.

Use travel as a catalyst for growth

Navan enables finance teams to build, manage, and scale a leading corporate travel management programme with ease. Meanwhile, travellers get an exceptional booking experience, access to unrivalled inventory, and proactive personalised support.

An image of the data insights available to travel managers on the Navan business travel platform, including total business travel spend across the whole company.

Turn insights into action

Navan provides accurate tracking of spend across the whole company thanks to an average adoption rate of over 90% among end users. Companies can identify spend leakage, improve forecasting, and optimise expense policies using real-time contextual insights.

A picture of the policy settings travel managers and finance teams can set on the intuitive Navan business travel platform.

Empower employees to spend. Know it’s in policy

Prevent out-of-policy spend before it happens by setting scaleable, customisable expense policies that are automatically applied at the point of swipe. Travel policies dynamically adjust based on real-time geographical data so teams can manage travel with ease.

An image of the accounting integrations available on the Navan corporate travel platform.

Close the books faster

By automating the reconciliation process and integrating directly with tools like NetSuite and QuickBooks Online, finance teams can avoid frustrating manual work and close the books faster.

An image of the policy control portal that finance teams can use to set travel policies and cut costs for their business travel programme with Navan.

Quick and easy implementation

Navan’s hands-on approach to onboarding and global implementation helps establish a path for long-term success for your travel, expense, and corporate card programme.

"We needed a consistent, global tool that could provide real-time visibility and financial accuracy. Navan is simply further ahead with encompassing everything in one global solution."

Crystal Ryu

Senior Director of Financial Operations

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