Travel & expense for global enterprises

A unified travel, corporate card, and expense management solution—tailored for enterprises.

Don’t settle for legacy corporate travel

Enterprises previously needed to stitch together multiple disparate solutions including Online Booking Tools (OBTs), Travel Management Companies (TMCs), and payment and expense solutions. Navan combines all of these seamlessly in one user-friendly platform.

"With its cloud-based infrastructure, scaleable technology, and leading business continuity and duty of care features, Navan is the right T&E platform for today’s enterprise. Navan provides the technology, expertise, and partnership we need to deliver a world-class corporate T&E programme that empowers all of our associates to achieve our business objectives."

Andrew Davis

Chief Human Resources and Inclusion Officer

A business traveller looks happy as he prepares for a business team event in Amsterdam that he booked in minutes on the Navan platform.

Works here, there, and everywhere

With global inventory, offices, and support networks, Navan is well-positioned to handle enterprise clients—and the distributed travellers working for them.

A Navan support agent that helps business travellers resolve queries and make trip changes in minutes, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

24/7 global travel agent support

Travel agents at Navan take pride in being one step ahead. The team constantly monitors itineraries and proactively alerts travellers about delays or new restrictions. Travellers can call, chat, or email anytime from anywhere.

A business traveller searches for a hotel for a business trip in Paris on the user-friendly Navan booking platform.

Built to make cost savings

With travel, corporate cards, and expense management unified in one solution, programme adoption rises and travel and finance managers get better visibility and control of spend. Users can access inventory from multiple sources, ensuring that the best, personalised rates are always available. And if they need an incentive, a powerful rewards programme encourages users to save company money.

An image of the seamless integrations on the Navan platform, a view of the expense management platform, and the Navan Rewards portal that incentivises business travellers to book cost-effectively.

Travel and expense is now seamlessly integrated

Connect any Visa or Mastercard corporate or business card and let the magic of Navan Expense automate everything from booking to reconciliation.

An image of the data insights available to travel managers on the Navan business travel platform, including total business travel spend across the whole company.

Comprehensive back office capabilities

Navan makes it easy to manage your company's corporate travel, payment, and expense programme. With multiple levels of customisation available across integrations, dashboards, and reports, the platform is designed to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

"Navan is the only complete, end-to-end T&E management solution for the enterprise with the best online booking tool"

Judy Payne

Director of Meetings and Travel

A business traveller using a train that he booked on the Navan business travel platform to get to his next business meeting sustainably.

Smarter sustainability tracking

Navan's real-time data, tools, and insights enable businesses to make sustainable decisions and reduce the environmental impact of travel.

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