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Navan is the first and only all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution that solves every travel problem through relentless innovation. We're taking over a massive $1.5 trillion T&E industry and we're looking for top salespeople to join us. Wherever you are in your sales career, we're here to give you the tools, enablement, and best-in-class product to help you excel!


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Sales Development

Our SDR programme provides a well-defined career path for high-performing individuals looking to build a career in tech sales. Learn the skills needed to be successful at Navan in various subsequent roles, including sales, account management, marketing, and management.

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Account Executives

AEs follow a well-defined, first-class sales methodology developed specifically for Navan's offering. In their role, they collaborate with internal stakeholders, identify each customer's unique needs, and convey the value of the Navan products with clarity.

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Account Management/Customer Success

AMs/CSMs at Navan are highly strategic, cultivating strong relationships with existing clients by understanding their needs and providing personalised support. They're at the forefront of driving customer satisfaction while maximising account growth and retention.

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Our first-class Sales Enablement team provides resources, training, and strategic support to the entire sales org, empowering them with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively engage with customers and close deals.

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Revenue Operations

The Revenue Operations team is responsible for managing and optimising the revenue operations process and tech stack for our prospects and customers. The team provides strategic support across the customer lifecycle.

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Sales Leadership

The Navan Sales Leadership team is comprised of top-tier sales leaders in the tech industry who are dedicated to fostering internal growth, providing hands-on support and serving as engaged mentors throughout your professional journey.

Our dedication to talent

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Whether you're coming to Navan as a seasoned enterprise rep or are new to sales, we provide a robust onboarding process that will quickly ramp you to become a product expert and ensure you're ready to confidently win over stakeholders.

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Ongoing enablement

Training doesn’t end after onboarding. Our sales teams have access to continuous sales education including online training, live demos, structured feedback, and mentoring. Just like our product evolves, we recognise our reps, technology, and processes are constantly evolving and we support them throughout this journey.

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Meritocratic culture

We value and promote a meritocratic culture where individuals are recognised and rewarded based on their achievements, skills, and dedication.

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Promotional path

Whether you want to rise to leadership or move upmarket, we offer clear expectations and timelines so you can drive your own career growth. In every role, you’ll find mentors who support your journey.

"What I was looking for when I joined Navan’s sales team 3 years ago was a place that valued hard work, understood that sales, at its core, needed to be customer-focused, enabled its talent to fulfill their potential, and, of course, above all, was fun. While the London office I’m a part of has experienced significant growth in recent years, those elements are still very much at the core of our culture."

Isabel Gudenus

Manager, Commercial Sales | Navan

Isabel Gudenus

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We believe in the value of in-person connections, whether sitting down to have lunch with one another, taking a walking 1:1, or collaborating in a room together. The connections forged through face-to-face interactions improve company culture and drive business results. We invest in office spaces that feel welcoming and offer perks such as lunches and happy hours to create a strong team environment and help you do your best work. We operate a hybrid working model, which we define as three days a week in the office. Please expect this policy for all roles that are tied to an office.

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