Zoom dials in to travel savings and delights employees with Navan


  • 98%

    online booking adoption

  • 15%

    overall savings on travel

  • <1 hr

    per month spent on reconciliation

Much of Zoom's business is conducted on its own platform, but when in-person connections are necessary, the company looks to Navan. Face-to-face time is essential for Zoom employees to close deals, onboard new customers, and collaborate with colleagues. As Zoom’s travel management solution since 2018, Navan has helped the company forge these connections by simplifying booking and managing travel and its related costs. With Navan, Zoom has watched adoption and travel savings soar while delighting employees.

Before Navan: unmanaged travel woes

Prior to partnering with Navan, Zoom did not have a formal travel programme. But as travel became a large line item, the growing pains became apparent:

  • Budgeting was complicated without a centralised source of data.
  • Reconciling expenses could take weeks. 
  • Communicating, adjusting, and enforcing travel policies was difficult.
  • Monitoring traveller whereabouts was impossible, which made duty of care tough.
  • Resolving issues while travellers were on the road was burdensome.

It was clear that Zoom needed to find a travel management solution that could help centralise administration, enforce policies, track spend, and support travellers 24/7.

Why Zoom chose Navan

Zoom seeks out partners that align with its culture of care.

While evaluating several travel management companies and legacy solutions, Zoom came to understand that Navan would simplify booking and managing travel for everyone involved. As one office manager said, “Navan is such a joy to use.”

After partnering with Navan, Zoom was fully deployed within one month.

Better inventory, better rates

As an industry veteran, Rebecca Linton, Global Head of Accounts Payable and Travel at Zoom, knows the pain points travel managers face well.

“One of the biggest issues always in corporate travel is people coming back saying they’re able to book cheaper or get better rates elsewhere,” she said. 

But with Navan, that headache has disappeared.

“The way the Navan platform is built, we simply don’t have that issue. This helps drive compliance and helps the employee understand why we’re using the platform,” she said.

With Navan, we’re able to manage travel effectively and utilise rates available on the internet — plus Navan’s direct links with airlines bring in much more inventory.

Rebecca Linton

Global Head of Accounts Payable and Travel

To date, Zoom has saved 15% on its travel programme. Rebecca cites Navan’s direct connections with airlines, negotiated rates, policy controls, and Navan Rewards incentives as contributing factors.

“Navan Rewards adds to the employee experience because the incentives are so simple to earn,” said Rebecca. “Why wouldn't you choose the hotel that you’re going to get rewards for if it’s similar to another option?”

Easy to manage, easy to use

Zoom mandated that all employees use Navan and has achieved a 98% online booking adoption rate.

Now, all travel is centrally booked and paid for, and all related expenses are automatically reconciled with Zoom’s accounting system. “Many hours of manual work have been eliminated,” said Rebecca.

Zoom’s travel programme runs on autopilot. Smart policy controls allow them to quickly adjust travel rules, and managers are notified of any out-of- policy bookings. And in case of emergency, Zoom knows exactly where employees are at all times. 

Navan has also kept its assurance to deliver happiness. “Traditional travel management solutions aren’t that easy to navigate, but Navan looks and feels like any website that a person would book travel on,” said Rebecca. “We get very positive feedback from our employees.”


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