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Premier Talent Partners Achieves 11% Cost Savings with Navan

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Premier Talent Partners gets time and money back after upgrading to Navan's all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution.

There was a time when Shellie Roanhaus, executive assistant to the CEO of Premier Talent Partners—as well as the company’s de facto operations and travel manager—would spend 5–10 hours per week managing company travel.

While employees of growing companies often wear multiple hats, at some point they need to distribute the load. For Premier Talent Partners, an innovative San Francisco-based staffing company with around 70 employees, that moment came with an ever-growing remote workforce due to the pandemic.

What the company needed was a new and scalable solution. Roanhaus got that—and more—when Premier Talent Partners switched to Navan.


  • Disjointed expense management solution with Amex cards and Expensify 
  • Unmanaged, time-consuming travel management solution 
  • Costly corporate card fees
  • Delayed reporting

Results with Navan

  • All-in-one Travel and Expense (T&E) solution
  • Real-time visibility
  • 11% net savings on all bookings and 21% savings on hotels
  • 100% platform adoption; 97% mobile app adoption
  • Exponential time savings on travel management

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Real-Time Visibility of Travel and Spend

“We used to have American Express as our corporate card and Expensify as our expense management tool…But with Amex and Expensify, the reporting was delayed,” said Roanhaus. “When we discovered that Navan's unified system automatically connects travel to spend and that we could see transactions in real time as they happen, that was huge. It was the primary reason we moved over.”

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High Adoption Drives Time Savings for Admins

“We’ve reached the point where all of our employees across the country can book their own travel,” said Roanhaus reflecting on her team’s 100% adoption of Navan. “I can’t see why we’d ever go back to having a human do all that manual work.”

Navan's self-serve booking platform has resulted in significant time savings for Roanhaus. “I no longer have to spend 5–10 hours of my week managing travel for 68 employees,” shared Roanhaus.

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The Navan Card for All Spend

“If we can put it on the Navan card, we will. We want that 1% back on all of our spend, including monthly bills, utilities, and advertising costs. We use the Navan card beyond travel payments, and it’s been working well for us,” said Roanhaus.

In the last year alone, Premier Talent Partners has gotten more than $10,000 back from the Navan rebate.

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For us, as a smaller business, Navan is absolutely worth the investment. I can’t imagine going back to what we did before.

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