Ensure business travel continuity and traveler safety

Prioritize business travel safety and optimize duty of care by responding quickly and effectively in a rapidly changing environment

Be proactive when it comes to traveler safety

In times of natural disasters, political unrest, and global health crises like COVID-19, it’s critical to have the right tools in place to act smartly on a moment’s notice. Your business travelers’ personal safety and well-being is your moral and legal responsibility. Business travel risks have come to the forefront of the industry and enterprises must take an active stance on ensuring every business trip is booked, approved, and organized with duty of care in mind. In addition to preparing for travel safety, you can have systems in place that ensure thorough risk assessments from check in to arrival. The definition of travel management and the role of travel managers has expanded greatly in the past six months. But it is possible today to build a travel policy that addresses all safety concerns and safety issues before they become a problem.

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TripActions is essential to business travel continuity

The TripActions Business Travel Continuity™ suite helps organizations build adaptable corporate travel programs with comprehensive traveler reports, a live traveler map, granular policy controls, and dedicated traveler experience resources. You'll have the information and technology partner you need to maintain service during a crisis, send proactive alerts, gain real-time visibility into locations, and take automated/bulk actions that protect your global business travel workforce.

With TripActions, you'll gain single, global implementation, intelligent policy management, real-time visibility & reconciliation, and a tech stack that works for you.

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Identify and manage business travel risk

Gain complete control over your travel program and policies with features including:

  • Regional blacklisting: Set travel restrictions for continents, foreign countries, and cities that may pose a risk to traveler safety
  • Live traveler map: Know where travelers are at all times
  • Traveler notifications: Communicate directly with individual travelers and send push notifications and business travel safety tips via the Admin Dashboard
  • Coronavirus report: Get real-time coronavirus updates with a report that shows traveler impact and the latest news — all within the TripActions Admin Dashboard
  • Integrated payment and expense solution: Change policy restrictions in a moment so business travelers' aren't left having to use a personal credit card to get home
  • Global inventory: Ensure your road warriors have access to the rental car, hotel room, travel documents, Wi-Fi, and travel insurance they need no matter where they are in the world
  • 24/7/365 access travel agents: Don't rely on a phone number in times of emergency. Available on chat, email, and phone, our team is standing by at all times to help

Employee safety and well-being is always something that’s at the forefront of my mind. When you’re holding major events like ComplexCon where 75% of your employee population is traveling to a location, TripActions is an invaluable tool. Some of our team members simply couldn’t be effective in their jobs without it.

Jay Salim

VP of HR & Operations

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