A better way to get there

Make business travel a pleasure for travellers, easy for admins, and cost-effective for the company.
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Extensive travel selection

Delight business travellers

Book from thousands of air, hotel, car rental, and train suppliers. Travellers can keep earning their programme loyalty points — even on hotels!
Dynamic policies

Guard your travel budget

Allow your employees to book on their own with dynamic policies that help them avoid overspending.

"Booking through Navan makes our lives easier while saving the company money."

Amanda Kim
Commercial Accountant
Navan Rewards

Incentivise travellers to reduce company spend

Navan rewards travellers for booking smartly and saving the company money. It’s a win-win!
The Navan app

An experience your team will love

Booking travel on Navan is fun and takes just minutes. Your employees get 24/7 support at no additional cost.

Designed to scale with your company

Built-in travel services for your specific needs

24/7 support

Access a global network of expert travel agents, or self-serve with Ava, our AI agent who’s always available to help.

Travel and expense work better together