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Make business travel a pleasure for travellers, easy for admins, and cost-effective for the company.
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Access an unrivalled travel inventory
Define what employees can book
Reduce your company’s travel costs
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One-stop travel shop

Manage travel like the world’s top companies

Navan beats booking directly through hotels and airlines. Make changes easily, and keep travellers happy by applying all their loyalty perks.
Custom policies

Complete spend control

Create travel policies so employees can book their own trips. Policies are automatically adjusted to fair market value and enforced, so you stay on budget.
Reporting and analytics

Track travel in one place

See exactly how much your company spends on travel and other expenses, and get actionable insights that save you more.
Navan Rewards

We pay your travellers for reducing your costs

Navan rewards your employees with personal travel credits when they save company money. Rewards are 100% funded by Navan, so you keep all the savings.

"Booking through Navan makes our lives easier while saving the company money."

Amanda Kim
Commercial Accountant

Built-in travel services for your specific needs

Invite groups and guests

With Navan, guests can book for themselves while staying within budget. Plus, plan group travel for up to 500 travellers.

Manage travel for others

Executive assistants and admins can book for others with ease. Traveller preferences are saved and Navan keeps everyone in sync.

24/7 support

Our first-class travel support agents answer in less than 60 seconds and can solve any issue.

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