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Datto Saves Big in Switching to Navan

An expanded view of hotel policy analytics using the Navan app

Datto is a cloud-based software and security solution company for managed service providers with offices dotting the globe. The company is scaling rapidly, adding hundreds of new employees since the pandemic began. With this continuous growth, Datto needed a streamlined solution to support its employees’ travel across four continents.

Datto’s previous solution, SAP Concur, was anything but streamlined. In place of a single platform to book and manage travel, Datto relied on a patchwork of travel management companies (TMCs) at home and abroad, which created a slew of challenges.


  • Poor cost control
  • Lack of reporting
  • Low global adoption due to lack of inventory
  • Poor user experience

Results with Navan

  • Reduced OOP bookings to 14%
  • Increased visibility with real-time dashboards
  • Hotel spend cut by 17%
  • 91% CSAT

A desktop view of travel spend analysis using the Navan app

Empowered Business Decisions

“We have a huge benefit now in using the Navan platform. It's real-time, the dashboard and the metrics are phenomenal, and it allows us to make some very strategic business decisions and adjust travel initiatives at the company," said Lisa Mackay, Travel & Expense Program Manager

Navan hotel search results in Paris

Enhanced Global Inventory

“One huge enhancement with the Navan platform is the robust inventory,” said Lisa. “Now that it’s all available on the platform, folks love to book through it. Adoption has improved on the Navan platform.”

And better adoption has meant significant savings for Datto; the company has saved 17% on hotel bookings alone.

Picture of a happy Navan traveler who happens to be an astronaut

Unified Solution that Can Scale

“It’s so much easier now because we have one platform. It’s scalable. It’s incredibly intuitive. It’s user-friendly,” Lisa said.

“It all goes back to scalability. That’s why I’m so passionate about Navan.”

It's so much easier now because we have one platform, it's scalable, it's incredibly intuitive, it's user-friendly.

Lisa Mackay

Global Travel & Expense Manager

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