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How Datto Scaled Its T&E Management with Navan

How Datto Scaled Its T&E Management with Navan

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Milan Lostica

Dec 9, 20211 min read
Blog Image // How Datto Scaled Its T&E Management with TripActions

Datto is a global, cloud-based software and security solution company for managed service providers. The company is scaling rapidly, and has added hundreds of new employees since the pandemic began. With this continuous growth, Datto needs a streamlined solution to support its employees’ travel across four continents.

After adopting Navan, Datto reduced out-of-policy bookings to 14% and cut hotel spend by 17%—all while increasing visibility with real-time dashboards.

“We have a huge benefit now in using the Navan platform. It's in real-time, the dashboard and the metrics are phenomenal, and it really allows us to make some very strategic business decisions and adjust travel initiatives at the company,” says Lisa Mackay, Travel & Expense Program Manager, Datto.

Previously the company battled with visibility and reporting issues as well as a poor user experience, which made it difficult for the company to scale.

Navan stepped in with its consumer-grade UX, robust global inventory, integrated duty of care solutions, real-time reporting, and spend management solutions all rolled into a single platform. One of the most important features was Navan Know Before You Go, powered by Sherpa, which lets travelers view vaccination, quarantine, and testing requirements of destination countries; access country-specific government and health resources; and see requirements for re-entry to their country of departure.

Learn more about how Datto's business transformed with Navan.

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